Friday Night Movie Night – STAR WARS: TRENCH RUN

Start Wars: Trench Run, by THQ Wireless Inc., “lets you skim the surface of the Death Star trenches as you seek to target a small thermal exhaust port less than two meters wide. Can you reenact the shot heard ’round the galaxy? Is the Force with you?”

Start Wars: Trench Run is due to hit the App Store soon and will be available for $4.99. Below is a list of the games features and a trailer video.

* Force Power: Slow down time and increase agility using the Force to bring TIE fighters into shooting range, and to dodge obstacles while flying down the trench.

* Breathtaking 3D Experience: Incredible 3-D graphics based on the original Star Wars movie.

* Amazing Special Effects: Vivid lighting, advanced shaders, explosions and incredible lifelike models.

* Authentic Star Wars Music and Sound Effects: Combined with real movie footage for complete immersion into the Star Wars universe.

* True-Life Flight: Accelerometer controls with life-like physics.

* Addictive Game Play: Ever increasing challenges, and tons of replay value.

* Multiple Points of View: Featuring both chase cam and cockpit modes.

* Mission Mode: With storyboards, music and dialogue from the original Star Wars movie.

* Arcade Modes: For increased re-playability, includes both Trench Run and Dog Fighting modes.

* Multiple Difficulty Levels: From Easy to Jedi.

* Optimized Gaming Experience: To work on the 3G, with special graphical features for the 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Gen and future devices.

* Leader Boards: Players compete against others across the world for the top spot. Find out who are the true Jedi.

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  1. Sweet!!!

  2. Dancrossin13 says

    Now that looks cool!

  3. The glimpses they show of the game look interesting, but most of this footage isn’t of the game and we’ve seen it before. They really only needed to show a short bit from the film to remind people of the part of the movie they are recreating in the game, the rest was just wasting our time.