RipDev Says Goodbye to the iPhone Community

##ICON_NAME## If you have been around the jailbreak scene for any length of time, you are probably familiar with the RipDev. They have brought us some amazing applications over the last two years including; Installer, Kate and Icy. According to a recent announcement on their website, they are saying goodbye to the iPhone community.

The announcement makes me a little sad. Ripdev, and their applications, have been a huge part of the jailbreak community. Below is what they have to say.

Good Bye

It’s been a great two years, but unfortunately, the time has come for Ripdev to close its doors. There are many reasons for this, most of which we probably will never disclose (unless we are forced to). The important thing is that due to circumstances we will likely be unable to support the titles we have created over the years further. They will be perfectly operatable on the firmware versions they were created for, and you will be able to download and use them — but they will no longer be supported and updated (except for i2Reader Pro that is not being developed by us and that will be kept in sync with its App Store version). We will, of course, transfer the licenses to the new devices — just email us. Our Cydia repository will be operational until at least next year, so be assured that the products you liked and paid for will be available for you to (re)install.

Icy, our lightweight DPKG installer, is now available in source form under MIT license. You’re free to do whatever you want with it. It would be nice if someone picks up the project…

It was a honor to be in the iPhone jailbreak community, and we are proud that we have certainly made a ripple or two. Farewell!

You can see the original post HERE.

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  1. Finally buggy apps and patches are GONE! oh.. bye ripdev. :P

    • Thanks to their mistakes, we learned. We such as cydias creator saurik, created one of the best jailbreak apps ever created. install was great, and we enjoyed while we had it. Because of them we prospered, because of THEIR sacrifice we live. May ripdev rest in peace, and forever be remembered in the jailbreak community.
      the hack3rsinc dev team.

  2. This is something that we were blind about it. Nobody was talking about an end possibility; people were waiting only for new, and new , and new releases from this team. Sure, you made history in the “reinvent the phone” scenery, so congratulations RipDev team!

  3. Meh, RipDev made buggy software that cost money when there was almost always a free alternative on Cydia that worked better. And really? You put Installer in the list of great applications? Installer was great in the 1.1.x days when it was developed by NullRilver. Once we all went to 2.0 and RipDev took over, we got Installer 4, which was a great crashing disaster. The poor quality of Installer 4 was probably one of the greatest contributing factors in Cydia’s rise to dominance (remember Cydia existed in the 1.1.x days, but nobody used it). And then there was Kate, which caused so many conflicts with other jailbreak apps it boggles the mind. Also, don’t forget about the desktop version of Installer, where you had to pay money just to be able to install apps onto your iPhone (and it didn’t work most of the time anyway).

    Yeah, somehow I don’t think RipDev shutting its doors is any great loss.

  4. Anybody who has been jailbreaking their iPhones since the original iPhone would know how much of a game changer installer was… And when their software first came out there were no alternatives… Catapillar used to be a sweet app just like installer… They definitely deserve more than just a couple of stupid kids bad mouthing software that they will never have any understanding of… When they first released their software it was revolutionary let’s leave it at that

    • aaron falcon says

      well too bad installer in the 1.x.x days wasnt made by RipDev team, thats the whole point a lot of people may not be familiar with, it was created by NULL RIVER, it takes a lot to make software yes, but the installer we had in 1.x.x was revolutionary, now we have cydia, i fixed many phones due to problems with kate, ive never used icy and dont ever plan on it, cydia is all anyone will ever need and more, i do give my hats off for giving so much to the iphone community……………

    • Indeed. RipDev had nothing to do with the original Installer. They took over the project when NullRiver left to go develop for the AppStore. The result was Installer 4, which was a one of the buggiest programs to ever grace my iPhone. Maybe you need to brush up on your history before you go around claiming to know more than people who are simply raising legitimate criticisms of RipDev’s work.

  5. Bozo Brain says

    They’ve made their mark and some great contributions to the jailbreaking community so just wish them a goodbye and quit with the complaining and bashing. Sheesh… ;)

  6. these people certainly deserve some respect for their contributions

  7. go to and do view source, and read the hidden text at the bottom to see the real reason they are closing down

    • hidden text:
      Hey there, fellow page source viewer! Unfortunately, there’s nothing interesting here, other than that we are very, very sad about the fact the things turned that way. Here’s a bit of advise: don’t blindly trust your business partners – one day it may turn out that they will steal a year’s worth income of the company and create another one, leaving you without possibility to control what you have been creating for several years.

      Since like he got burned by his patner.. that SUCKS!

  8. Apple’s Steve jobs Put a Hit on RiPDev.


  9. -(°_o)/¯ Blah

  10. no more kate:-( realy love that app, easy, clean looking calender.
    is there another app that dose the same as event list with birthday support?


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