Jailbroken iPhone Beats New Droid Phone in Browser Speed Test

SafariThe newest device to run the Google Android software is being released on November 6th. Engadget has been posting video reviews of the device and in this video, shows a browser speed test. The iPhone wins even after being jailbroken which can cause the iPhone to run slower than stock.

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  1. So, i bought the right device: iPhone 3GS

  2. Is the Droid a CDMA phone? If it is, who wants it? CDMA is finally dead, or about to die. Two national CDMA carriers in Canada are going GSM within the week, and in the States, Verizon is going GSM. That leaves Sprint and South Korea with CDMA. Who would buy a CDMA phone now?

  3. Why would you post a video that cannot be viewed on an iPhone on an iPhone site?

    • LOL I was wondering that exact same thing. I was like hub? I can’t play the video. I usually visit this site with my iPhone haha

  4. What message program is the guy with the iphone using?