Volume Buttons Disable Hack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Volume Buttons Disable is a hack that does exactly what the title says… disables your volume buttons. As soon as you install the hack, and your device resprings, the volume buttons on the side of your device will no longer work. I’m not exactly sure why you would want this but… there’s a hack for that!

If for some reason you do install this hack, you can always adjust your volume using the SBSettings Volume Slider Widget which allows you to quickly adjust your volume via a slider in SBSettings.

I have tested the mod and it does work. When you uninstall the mod you do get your volume button functionality back… good thing! You can get Volume Buttons Disable via the modmyi source.


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  1. Here’s one use…. I have an old 2G iPhone which fell and now has a small dent next to the volume button causing the down button to be activated all the time and thus turning the ringer off. This software disables it and now i can hear my calls again.

    • theiphonerocks says

      same here. anyway to fix that so the buton becomes free?

    • @theiphonerocks…. I bought a replacement back cover from truesupplier.com last week for $39.90 which incl. the volume switch. It’s not original Apple, but looks fine. I will be installing it in a few days. I’ll comment here if there are problems.

    • THANK YOU! I had the exact same problem, except that the volume button was sticking in the up position, so I couldn’t listen to music on my phone unless I wanted to hurt my ears considerably. I’m so glad this hack exists, now I can listen to my music blissfully using the ipod app’s built in volume control again :)

  2. Jivan Naveen says

    What a great hack. With the phone bouncing around in my pocket , the volume sometimes ends up at zero with me knowing.

  3. Might be a good thing for me as I seem to be addicted to keep randomly pressing the volume button lots haha


    Well at least for me! Can’t understand why nobody did it sooner. My iPhone’s Volume Button has been broken for the past year and a half (and from my searches on the net this appears to be a none too uncommon problem). Didn’t have the guts to open it up so was stuck with an annoying ‘ringer’ logo every 5 seconds. But even before the buttons were broken I would always accidentally press em, which was just as annoying.

    In other words this is a simple app that makes a big difference. Big thankyou to the developer (nathulal?). I would send you a thankyou note but can’t seem to find your contact details…anyway if you happen to stumble across this blog post please take this as a much deserved thank you note :)

    THANK YOU!!!!

  5. I tried downloading the hack but I keep getting error message saying that Host is unreachable ( http://apt.saurik.com).
    Is there another source I can use?

  6. itsmeeeeeeee says

    I hope there’s an update to this application someday with an on/off switch.
    I have my ipod touch 2 G in a body glove case made for an ipod touch 1G and its sometimes hard to get it in the case and not have the down button constantly pushed. It would be nice to toggle this on/off without uninstalling the app.
    otherwise, its very handy. *=)

  7. amazing. worked for me

  8. My buttons never defaulted back after yninstall

  9. It worked before. But after I update some cydia package, it can not work again.

    • Looks like Activator 1.5.8 breaks this hack. Reverting to libactivator 1.5.7 resolves this for now. Google for a download and install over 1.5.8 and it should work again.

  10. Can I use this app. in my ipad 2 ios5.0??? The volume button is broken and pressed all the time, so I can’t take the volume down signal off my screen!!! If I use this app. to disable the volume button will it take the volume down signal off my screen???

  11. Any update for ipad2 ios5 guys? It’s annoying if you have a dent right at the volume buttons. There is no way to disable the always showing volume widget in the middle of my iPad :(

  12. Still no update yet for iOS5, but you can also just use activator and set the “volume hold” option to no action. And just make sure you set this action for “everywhere”. Seems to be working good for me so far.

  13. Dan Bishop says

    How do you install the hack I can’t seem to find it. My iPhone 4 volume down button will self activate and hold its self down. It has progressively been getting worse for the past well to the point the volume indicator box that covers the center of the screen will not disappear and I have not volume for anything

  14. I’m sorry for being a technical moron, but how do I go about downloading this? I can’t seem to find it on the App Store. I dropped my phone and the bottoms are smooched, so keep muting as well. If I could disable the side buttons it would be perfect. Thank you for your help!