AT&T Releases Two New Commercials Targeting Verizon

##ICON_NAME## You may have seen the first commercial AT&T launched as a direct attack on Verizon. Over the week-end they released a few more commercials targeting Verizon; Two Phones and Postcards (two part commercial). They both are part of the Truth About 3G campaign. Like the first commercial, these ones also star actor Luke Wilson.

Personal Opinion – Two Phones… not too bad, Postcards… lame. Check them out below.

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  1. And who was talking about postcards, anyway? AT&T, do you know what is 3G?
    Is iPhone multitasking?

    • I agree if Apple is to stupid to go with Verizon I will leave the IPhone as there is other products out now that do what the Iphone does. ATT is a real bad carrier. In 2012 by Att and if apple is only with ATT bye IPhone.

  2. There’s two new iPhone ads from Apple themselves, both about talking on the phone and using the [3G] service at the same time…

  3. If you actually care about new Blackberry commercials you should really just sell your cell phone and buy a girl friend.