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iGizmoz iGizmoz, from the developer of Photogene, is a very sweet widget application. If you have been around the jailbreak scene you have probably tried your hand at a few Widget apps only to end up feeling disappointed. iGizmoz brings Widgets to the App Store and believe me, you will not be disappointed. This is what widgets were meant to be like!

iGizmoz comes with 11 working widgets that are customizable:
– World clock
– Sticky notes
– Calendar
– Search tool
– Speed dial
– Countdown
– Stopwatch
– Slideshow
– Swinging creature
– Tic tac toe game
– Flashlight

The widgets can be freely arranged on the scrollable screen. Once a widget has been added to the main screen, it can be double tapped and customized. You can also change the background image of the main screen choosing from the images provided or choosing an image from your Photo Library.

Below is how each widget works and how it can be customized.

World Clock: The World Clock displays the current time for a specific time zone. You can choose from six clock styles and from a complete list of time zines. You can also choose to turn on/off the seconds hand. The nice thing about this widget is that you can add more than one allowing one to display your current time zone and another to display an alternative time zone.

Sticky Notes: Skicky Notes are little notes that display short messages. Just tap on the note to add a message. Double tapping on the note allows you to choose from ten different note styles.

Calendar: The Calendar widget displays the current month with the current date being highlighted in blue. You can scroll through previous and upcoming months using the arrows on either side of the Month. This is the only widget that is not customizable.

Search Tool: The Search Tool widget allows you to quickly search without taking you out of iGizmoz. You can choose to have the widget search Google, Google Images, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Merriam Webster Dictionary. You can also choose whether you would like the search history showed or not.

Speed Dial: The Speed Dial widget allows you to quickly call or text a contact. You are able to create a Speed Dial widget for anyone in your Contact List. You can then choose whether you would like the widget will call or text the person. It will automatically pull in the image you have assigned to that Contact. Double tap on the image part of the widget to call/text… double tap the bottom of the widget to get into the settings for the widget. Note: Using this widget will take you out of iGizmoz.

Countdown: The Countdown widget displays a running countdown of number of days until a specific event. This widget comes with two countdown styles. It allows you to choose your own event or choose from a list of pre-selected events. You also turn on/off an Hours display.

Stopwatch: The Stopwatch widget displays a running timer. In the settings for this widget, you can choose it have it display as a countdown time.. counting down from a specified amount of time or as Stopper which allows you to start the widget timer and then stop it and start it again if necessary (similar to a stopwatch).

Slideshow: Slideshow is a widget that displays a slideshow of images from your Photo Library. This widget allows you to choose images from your Photo Library, select a transition style from the four provided and customize the speed of the slideshow.

Flashlight: Flashlight is a light widget that allows the screen to become a “flashlight.” There are four flashlight colors available; white, yellow, red and blue. Just tap the string on the light and watch your your screen illuminate… tap the string again to turn off the light.

Tic Tac Toe Game: This is your basic game of Tic Tac Toe… play the game right in the widget. You can choose to play against the computer or 2 player as well as choose between two difficult mods.

Swinging Creature: The Swinging Creature widget will swing and sway as you tilt your iPhone. A fun little widget that allows you to choose from four creatures.

That is a basic overview of the widgets. I had absolutely no issues customizing or using any of the widgets. The entire application is extrememly smooth and exquisitely designed. iGizmoz is most definitely worth the $0.99 price tag if not only just to experience widgets at their best! Check out the screenshot and demo video below.


How to Use iGizmoz:
The first time you open iGizmoz there will be two widgets already on the screen; a clock and a stick note. You can get to more widgets, edit widgets, rearrange the widgets and get into the app’s settings by tapping on the button in the bottom left of the screen.

You can add more widgets by tapping, holding and dragging them from the lower menu bar onto the screen. They can then be freely moved around to wherever you would like them on the screen. If you tap on the Settings icon above a widget, it can be customized while in “edit” mode. Tapping on the X above a widget will remove it from the screen. You can add more than one of the same widget.

On the left menu bar are a few options including the app’s Settings which allow you to change the background image and reset iGizmoz. The option below the Settings option will arrange the widgets in straight rows or allow you to place freely on the screen. Once you have the widgets arranged to your liking, you can select the X in the left menu bar to get back to the main screen.


Video Demo:

App Store Description:

iGizmoz is a unique application that lets you create your own world of gizmoz.
A gizmo is like a small widget which actually functions as a complete application in its own right, so actually you’re getting a very useful and highly customizable set of applications which you can use simultaneously in the world you create.

List of included gizmoz:
– World clock
– Sticky notes
– Calendar
– Search tool
– Speed dial
– Countdown
– Stopwatch
– Slideshow
– Swinging creature
– Tic tac toe game
– Flashlight

– Use a verity of 11 eye-catching gizmo applications at the same time.
– Arrange your gizmoz inside a large scrollable world using an intuitive drag and drop interface.
– Use each gizmo’s settings to customize it’s appearance and/or functionality.
– Change your world’s wallpaper: you can choose from a set of 19 available background images or use any other image from your photo albums.

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  1. The only drawback I see in this app is that it is an app and will not work on your lockscreen or springboard unlike Quickwidgets, Smartscreen, or Cydgets. It’s a great app but I wish this could be used in a similar manner to the jailbroken apps. Plus, I think the jailbreak community is having a greater interest in widgets and more developers are looking into this area as it gets more popular. It seems like Quickwidgets are what most of us have been wanting for sometime but Smartscreen is updating their library of widgets quickly plus since they are charging users for widgets more developers feel they can make a profit from they application which is best for both users and developers.

  2. haha, yes you are right. If your phone was not jailbroken, this is a great solution. This is a newb question but is it possible to launch an app using your home button? If so, I guess you could set your home button to launch iGizmoz. Still, if this was set up the way Quickwidgets are, this app would be superior. I just love Widgets all together ;)

  3. This is kinda dumb. Widgets only make sense on Jailbroken devices where they can live on your Lock screen, SpringBoard, available anytime via an overlay inside any app, etc.

    Who wants to exit the application they’re in, then load this just to check a clock and calendar?

    The whole point of Dashboard on a Mac and Sidebar on Windows Vista / Windows 7 is that the widgets can be used any time, in any app.

    • BINGO! Couldn’t have said that better myself, LOL.

      I can understand though anyone that buys that app from the appstore on an UNjailbroken iPhone. That’s as close as they are ever going to get to what we get to use in the jailbroken community.

  4. Yes.It only have sens if it is available from firstly – lockscreen and secondly – any other app .So developers….lets get to work ,-)

  5. How i get this app.? Apple USA store.

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  2. […] folks over at AIS seemed to really like iGizmoz: I had absolutely no issues customizing or using any of the widgets. […]

  3. […] came across this mention of a new iPhone app this morning while reveling in my post Turkey Day haze… It’s an app […]

  4. […] folks over at AIS seemed to really like iGizmoz: I had absolutely no issues customizing or using any of the widgets. […]

  5. […] folks over at AIS seemed to really like iGizmoz: I had absolutely no issues customizing or using any of the widgets. […]

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