WeatherIcon Update 2.3.1

WeatherIconVery randomly I’ve had problems with phone calls to my iPhone not being able to hear the person on the other end. I always assume it’s some hack I’m testing but can’t always figure out which one. Well a recent WeatherIcon update lists one of the bug fixes as “Fixes issue where phone calls may have no sound (usually only an issues for EDGE users). I do use EDGE a lot (unfortunately) so I’m guessing this is going to help. I just upgraded tonight so I’ll check back soon and let you know if the fix worked.

Other updates include: “Fixes issue with night setting not working unless ‘Use Local Time’ is set.” and “Compatibility with WeatherIcon Plugin 1.0.1.” The fix came out on December 23rd so some of you probably already have it. Let me know if it worked for you.


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  1. WeatherIcon is pissing me off, because you can only get the Weather Image (cloudy, sunny, etc) to appear if you run Winterboard. I don’t want to run winterboard – it’s a memory hog. So I’m stuck with a naked number with no image next to it. Very frustrating and stupid.

  2. WeatherIcon on the update before this one removed my LockInfo weather bundle. Does anyone know where I can get this? Also, on this last update, it gave me the No package header error, which I fixed. So far none of these weathericon updates have done anything good.

    • David Ashman says

      The last weathericon update split the plugin into a separate package for better maintenance and better dependency checking (no reason WeatherIcon should depend on LockInfo, but the plugin should). The changelog mentions it. You can get the plugin on Cydia in the LockInfo Addons section or through the “Get More Plugins” link in the LockInfo settings.

  3. What is the source? I do not see the weather plugin?

  4. Is it just me, or is Weathericon crappier since the update? It doesn’t update the temp/image unless i manually go into the weather app. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  5. Also adds support for outside app

  6. B_radC: I’ve noticed the same thing. I’m running LockInfo which indicates a different temp which has been updated. The weather isn’t update on Weather Icon until I open the weather app. It then downloads after I close the app.

  7. New update solved the issue! Thx Stimpy!

    • My Lockinfor wasn’t even working correctly, but I just downloaded the update and it looks like it’s been fixed. Mazel Tov!

  8. David Ashman says

    Yes, I’m working on some possible issues with refreshing. I’m working on it as we speak.

  9. How do you get your current temp to show in the taskbar at the top?

  10. I installed the latest WeatherIcon a couple days ago and was glad to see that the “phone calls may have no sound” issue was resolved. I hadn’t even suspected WeatherIcon for this incredibly annoying behavior on my phone recently. Unfortunately, it’s still doing it. I’ve even removed WeatherIcon completely and I still get the behavior. David, since you obviously know the reason behind why this happens, can you think of anything else that might be causing this? Maybe LockInfo or one of its plugins? I really don’t know what to do to track this down. I’ve been removing all of the most recent stuff I’ve installed but I’m still having this issue :(
    Your help would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

    • Stimpy5050 says

      If you have the Twitter plugin also installed in LockInfo, try turning that off. I believe it has the same issue. The issue is actually in the Apple firmware. If you have an incoming call and attempt to make a data call, it will cause odd side effects due to the way EDGE works. Apple should have this fixed at the OS layer. I have a new version of the Twitter plugin almost ready to go.

  11. I have problem after latest update. I’m using Lockinfo Matte UI -theme and it doesn’t show weatherbar anymore. If i disable that theme from winterboard and enable lockinfo weathericon plugin it works…

    So what have changed there because theme doesn’t show weather?