Why Apple’s Tablet Will Run iPhone OS

AppleMoney. That’s why the new tablet from Apple will run the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple has a lot of options to make money through iTunes with the upcoming tablet. If they just put OS X on the device, they just sell another tablet that not many would want. I would, but it wouldn’t be enough people to make a good profit. You can already work at home with an iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini. You can work away from home with a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Both of these types of systems, desktops and laptops have keyboard, this way you can work and play. If you want to have a constant connection to the web, you can get an iPhone and if you’re not interested in the $60 a month or more, you can get an iPod touch. So, why a tablet and why iPhone OS?

The tablet does not need to replace any of the above. It’s a whole new device. Whatever connection is has, wifi or cellular, whatever ports, USB or video, here’s some ideas I have or have heard of for the new tablet.

Newspaper & Magazine

More and more newspaper and magazine companies are closing down or switching to all digital content these days. This will help to revive this market. Think of things like the New York Times, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, etc.


eBook Reader & Textbooks

With the popularity of the Kindle and many educational institutes using iPod touches in class, the next big thing is the tablet. The Kindle is black and white. This helps with saving battery and targeting the device to one task but when it comes to textbooks, color, video and the ability to update the information keeps kids from buying a new book every year. I’m sure there will also be ways to highlight and use other tools to research.

Music LPs

Apple announced this year their new LPs which along with your album purchase comes lyrics, liner notes, video, photos and more. This is perfect content for a tablet.


App Store Apps

Of course app store apps already make Apple plenty of money, but if the same apps can be sold on another device, that’s just more money. Now, imagine the apps can be run in windows of their own, stretchable or of course running in the back ground.

Movies, Music Videos & TV Shows

This is all already available on the iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, etc, but a tablet is a great device for video. Big screen, light weight, and hopefully, an OLED screen.

Cable TV

There are a few rumors of Apple working with cable companies on subscriptions from within iTunes. Hopefully this would stream to 5 devices just like iTunes music and apps do. Again, video streaming to a nice sized tablet of your cable tv programming!

All of these things Apple can charge for through iTunes and make a profit on. Hopefully this helps them with the decision to sell the device for less knowing they’ll make more in the future through media and app sales. Either way, I want one! How about you? Do you think the upcoming tablet device will run iPhone OS or OS X? Will you get one?

Do you think the upcoming tablet device will run iPhone OS (or similar) or OS X same as their laptops and desktops?

  • iPhone OS or Similar (78%, 314 Votes)
  • OS X (same as their laptops and desktops) (22%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 401

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Do you plan on buying the upcoming Tablet from Apple?

  • Yes (68%, 274 Votes)
  • No (27%, 107 Votes)
  • It's not coming. (5%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 403

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  1. Honestly, I believe it will run OS X and applications similar to both the iPhone and their current computers. There will probably be a way for developers to port applications to be tablet functional.

  2. The OS will be not like the iphone’s or the mac’s .

  3. This is simply silly mis-information. Do you know what the difference between OSX and “iPhone OS”?
    They are both OSX! It is more about OSX for Intel or OSX for ARM. The presentation layer / UI is different and there are different libraries, but from a developer stand point they are the same.
    Porting from one to the other is more about making an Mac program function on the iPhone’s UI and fighting the lack of processing power on the iPhone.

  4. See this is where I think you are spot on but wrong. Money is a factor at apple and you are correct in the fact that OS X will not make them hit the same numbers as the iPhones OS but here is my prediction:

    apple has a void to fill. what is this void? well I see it as a) a small portable touch screen computer and b) a big screen iPod touch for education, games, and music. aka a portable entertainment system. So what are we talking about here? A was OS X and B was iPhone OS.

    I see the tablet’s OS as something revolutional. Something to the tone of Google’s Chrome OS. Its perfect in the fact that it fits Google’s concept of the web. The tablets OS is going to fit the void with Apple’s concept of “NO ONE KNOWS.” That is why this tablet is going to be amazing. No one knows what this tablet is going to be targeted as. If someone told me when the iPhone came out that apple was making an iPod version that would be apple’s GAMING device I would have told them to go bull their head out of their a$$.

    Wow that was long haha. Did that make sense though?

    P.S. They dont sell the iPod Touch for less even though they know they make a ton on Apps & Music. So I dont think they will use that thought for the tablet.

  5. iPhone OS isheavily based on OSX. They have different UI shells with iPhone OS supporting Multitouch. It is only a question of time before OSX and iPhone OS interfaces “merge” …

    So it doesn”t matter if the new tablet uses iPhone OS or OSX ! They are ultimately the same !

  6. I know what you’re all saying that OS X and iPhone OS is the same. It may be built on the same structure and type of code but they are not the same OS. You don’t use the the iPhone firmware to update your Macbook. Even Apple calls it iPhone OS on their own website: http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/ I know it won’t be the same exact software. Each generation of iPhone even has different firmware and so does the touch. My point is it will run App Store Apps, not traditional OS X apps. It could, of course do both, but I don’t think it will. I think they will control the device just like they have the iPhone, only letting what they want on the device so it will run better or whatever their argument is about why we they don’t allow jailbreaking. Either way, if they don’t let desktop/laptop OS X on the tablet, I hope someone can hack it to dual boot. I guess we’ll see at the end of January (if they ever release this thing!)

  7. Nice article, and I hope the Tablet will come out. Not sure about the size of this thing, especially if it has a single button on the side… kinda ugly. I also don’t want o be holding a GIANT iPhone, but something with a better design, like a ModBook… 1 more comment on the article… you spelled weight wrong ;-)

    “Big screen, light weigh, and hopefully, an OLED screen”

    Sorry about that, I know I sounded like a grammar snob, but I’m really not :D

  8. i think apple should put the app store and other stock iphone apps in the dashboard application on traditional macs… this would be a big money maker for them.

  9. It will be the mac os capable of iphone apps

  10. I know most Apple people are just mindless media consumers but I want this thing to be a media creation device. It should be able to run Photoshop, if it doesn’t, it will be no more impressive than an AppleTV.

  11. I really don’t think it will have the iPhone OS. If it did it would just be a huge iPhone! It has to be different. I agree with some of the others. If we assume Apple has only 2 OS it is using Then I think the OSX would be more useful in a tablet. But I think Aple has something new to offer. Maybe a hybrid OS that combines some of the iPhone features with Leopard. But the most interesting thing that I think will happen will be the tablet form itself. It is NOT going to be just a flat tablet. It is “do something special”.
    I am sure of it. Maybe when you go to the keyboard the surface changes so you can fell the keys. More tactile! I expect it to later become the next iMac with stand and optional keyboard and mouse. Oh, and my next purchase! LOL

  12. Sorry, I meant: See item 19 – VERY UNLIKELY!!!

  13. I was kinda right :)