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Apple iPhone SchoolToday I will be live blogging during the Apple event. I’m going to do it a little different from the past. I’m not going to attempt to write every little thing that happens on this one post. I will be taking notes from the event and then, later, writing full articles about each point. What we’ll be doing during the events is tweeting and live streaming both major iPhone and Tablet announcements and sharing our comments. There will be a live video feed from me and an area where you can either live chat (type), comment in the post, or reply via twitter.

We will also be tweeting as much info as possible from our @iphoneschool twitter account for those of you on mobile devices.

Link to Live Stream of Event:

Video Stream of Live Blog

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Name: iPad
Price: $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32 GB, $699 for 64GB. Add $130 to each model for 3G chip.
3G: available from AT&T, 250MB a month for $14.99 or Unlimted for $29.99 a month. No contract, includes AT&T wifi hotspots, unlocked, no voice.
On Screen Keyboard
1GHz Processor
10 hour battery life, 1 month standby
Runs all App Store Apps, some in full screen with more features. SDK out now.
Main apps rewritten for iPad: Mail, Photos, Browser, Contacts, Calendar, Maps, YouTube, iTunes
New Apps: iBook Store, iWorks ($9.99 per app)
Physical Specs: 1/2 inch thick, 9.7 inch screen, 1.5 lbs, 9.56 high x 7.47 inches wide.
Connectivity: 3G, Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
Other hardware: A-GPS, Digital Compass, microphone, speaker, volume rocker, mute switch, headphone jack, 30pin connector, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, home button.


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  1. Hello from Ireland cant wait.

  2. Biggest Snooze Fest keynote ever.

  3. No iPhone update. It goes to show that all the speculation that gets posted as authoritative on the web is, well, less than authoritative. Think back to the pictures of the iPhone being presented online before it was introduced. They all looked like Sony Ericsson phones. This was the iPhone, they all insisted.

  4. What a joke.. Apple thinks people are going to pay 850 for an oversized ipod touch with 3G

  5. Seriously, the name absolutely sucks!

    I can’t wait for geohot to jailbreak this thing!

    Oh wait, he probably won’t buy the piece of crap!

  6. I don’t know how apple thinks the Apple Tablet is going to do so good. It just is an over sized Ipod Touch. There is nothing really new with it to make people want to buy one. It costs so much that I wouldn’t ever get one with how small the hard drives are.

  7. Well I must say I can’t believe it. I expected more. But at the same time I kind of went in not expecting too much because hype around new Apple products before keynotes always tend to disappoint starting with the 3GS. Just before the release of the 3GS think about how hyped up everyone was. And all the new iPhone turned out to be was a suped up iPhone 3G haha.

    Well look. The iPad is actually cool. I mean I won’t be buying one ever! But I do think it’s cool. It’s Apple cool. I’m disappointed though because I did expect it to be more than it is. I mean looking at it I’m like oooookay. That’s just an iPod Touch OVERSIZED! There were some weird concept arts that I saw a while ago and even said it was going to be an oversized iTouch. I wish I could remember where I read that.

    Anyway I REALLY hope the next iPhone doesn’t disappoint. I mean with moto droid, nexus one and suped up versions of the palm pre Apple needs to seriously refresh the iPhone. I hope they are. Maybe they are silently working to surprise everyone with the next version. One can hope anyway.

    My 3GS does everything the droid does, everything the palm pre does and pretty much almost everything the nexus one does. And that’s thanks to jailbreaking. So I see no need for the next software release I’m hearing and reading rumors about. But hardware wise I’m really hoping Apple doesn’t disappoint. Over and out.

  8. Clive Weller says

    Well it seems that Apple has done it again! They have released the most amazing piece of equipment and said “Ah, but you can’t do much with it because like always we have restricted it to what we want you to do and not what you would like to do”

    It would seem to me that only a complete moron would pay so much and in return get so little in order to ‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’and read an eBook.

    No multitasking or proper Bluetooth and if the iPhone software is anything to go by no onboard syncranisation between contacts and calendar. After that, apart from browsing the web it is puported to be a very good games machine but no actual computing power. Oh, and still no fifth row (numbers) on the keypad.

    Very, very disapointing and to that end I hold very little hope of anything halfway decent coming from the new 4.0 upgrade to the iPhone.

  9. any one have the wallpaper shown in the 4th image above?