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Mixing Bowl I will admit, I may have a slight addiction to recipe applications. I just love the ease of using my iPhone while cooking (though, I am occasionally concerned for it’s safety!). So, when I came across a relatively new application titled Mixing Bowl, I installed it on the spot! The Mixing Bowl application is based off the website MixingBowl.com (which I had not indulged in prior to installing the iPhone application). I found MixingBowl.com to be an upbeat, social cooking website that is largely member maintained.

In order to use the Mixing Bowl iPhone application, you will need to become a member of MixingBowl.com. Normally I’m not big on apps that require you to become a member in order to use them but, I make exceptions for cooking apps! :)

After becoming a member (a painless process), I found the app to have many of the same features the website offers. The main menu allows you to view Recipes, Groups, Friends and Blogs. Since I am mainly interested in the Recipes, I headed there. I found the recipes to broken into a few main categories (Course, Foods, Popular Topics, Holidays, Level of Difficulty and Special Diets) and quite a few subcategories.

After making my way to the Dessert category… yep, that’s right, the dessert category! I was greeted by a decent array of recipes. Because the website is largely member maintained I did find that quite a few of the recipes did not contain images. A slight disappointment, I’m a stickler for pictures! However, you are able to quickly see the ratings for each recipe which is helpful.

There are a few things I like about this application, it allow you to easily; save a recipe to your favorites, read the reviews for the recipe, add a review to the recipe, rate the recipe, view more recipes by that member, add a photo to the recipe… etc. At times I do feel like it is all a bit too “social” for me. Many times the comments are things like… “This sounds yummy” or “Can’t wait to try this” instead of helpful comments from people who have actually tried the recipe. Also, because the recipes can be uploaded by anyone who is a member, you will run into a few duds.

Overall, I found the recipes easy to navigate, the design to be user friendly and the amount of recipes to be plentiful (if not overwhelming at times!). If you are a stickler for cooking applications, Mixing Bowl is definitely worth checking out.

Mixing Bowl


App Store Description:

As a member of MixingBowl.com, food and friends are made fresh daily. Once you join, we’ll deliver a customized food experience just for you. You’ll be able to meet like-minded cooks and bakers, swap recipes, share photos, get cooking tips, read (and write) blogs, and much more.

Friends are just one click away on MixingBowl.com, the first social network centered on food.

From the new-nest neophyte just learning how to turn on a stove to the young mom holding a baby in one arm and cooking with the other to the passionate baker looking for kindred spirits, Mixing Bowl unites everyday home cooks. Once you join, we deliver a customized food experience just for you. You can meet others like you, swap recipes, share photos, get cooking tips, read (and write) blogs, and much more.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make authentic pho or bouillabaisse? We’ve got hundreds of ethnic recipes from home cooks around the world. Want to start your own restaurant? Get advice from someone who already owns one. Need dinner ideas for picky eaters? Ask another Mom. Starting a special diet? Let someone who’s on that diet help guide your way.

This application gives you the power to create and access your own personal cooking network from anywhere. Simply key in a member name and password, or log in using your Facebook credentials, and join. You can share everything that you post with the whole community, or just a few close friends. You decide.

Facebook integration allows you to easily share your latest culinary triumphs (and trials), as well as the gems you discover on Mixing Bowl, with all of your friends.

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  1. If you concerned for your iPhone’s safety while using it as a recipe book, you can place the iPhone in a ziplock bag. It’s still usable, and it’s safe from spills and messy fingers.

  2. Same ole crap, not updating again and no explination why. Wasn’t any explination on the last lag in business. After all, are we the readers not the ones who keep this site going?

    • They might be losing interest. Let’s face it. With 3,1.3 it appears that jailbreaking is done, maybe forever. Sure many will keep their phones at 3.1.2, but every new device comes with 3.1.3 or the next iteration of firmware. Sooner or later, if there is no exploit created for the newer firmware, sites like this will be nothing more than promos for App Store apps. What else? More and more iPhone users I know have abandoned jailbreaking.

  3. Homechef says

    You should also try the video cookbook. Lots of video recipes and much better value for money than the celebrity chef ones. It was app of the week just recently