Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

ScreenRecorderScreenRecorder is simple little app that captures video of your screen. Just load the app and hit record, then load the app you want to record. ScreenRecorder runs in the background. Once you’re done recording, you have to go back into the ScreenRecorder app to stop the recording. The developer warns of not recording over about 45 seconds due to memory issues and then crashing. You can view the videos from the app but not in your camera roll. This means you have to SSH off the videos to then upload them to a online service. From my tests, it’s not a very high frame rate but better than nothing. There is also no audio.


Test Video

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  1. I don’t have this app at the moment, but I will soon. Does anyone know if screen record can be set to start/stop recording with one of the hardware buttons? For example, if I hold the volume down button for a few seconds…

  2. Iphoneglance says

    I got this app and it is a good idea, enough of the screen shots. It’s good

  3. Rocky34 says

    Little correction :
    It HAS a sound function.
    Good idea anyway !

    Still it’s a first version and I hope there will be an update permitting to start and stop taping the moment we want from a command directly in the recording…
    maybe from the statusbar ?