Gowalla, foursquare and Loopt All Get Updates

GowallaSome major updates came yesterday for the top location based social networking apps and strangely all around the same time. I’ll list out the new features of each below but I have to admit that I’m really excited about the updates that have come to Gowalla. This is my favorite of these apps mostly because of the great look and design of the app. I’m excited for the new feature that allows you to add pictures and comments. Check out the rest of the features below.


– Design: A fresh new experience that is more flexible, readable and usable than ever
– Photos: Upload a photo after checking in, browse photos from friends and see photos taken at a spot.
– Checkin Commenting: When a friend checks in someplace awesome, tell them what you think!
– Multiple checkin messages: Skipped typing a checkin message? Come back and add one.
– Hot Spots: Discover the most popular spots nearby
– Browse your friends… and friends of friends.
– Browse friends’ bookmarked spots and created trips.
– More ways to get in touch with Facebook, Twitter and web links for friends.
– Spot details (when available): address, phone number, Twitter name, Facebook page, website

Gowalla Price: Free  

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– Brand new look and feel!
– Faster, more efficient checkin and shout flow
– “Places” view now supports categories
– Easily see a history of places you’ve been
– Pull-to-refresh

foursquare Price: Free  

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-Friend Map has its own tab thanks to your feedback (got more feedback? e-mail feedback@loopt.com)
-Loopt Pulse is even better at helping you plan your next move with new Events info from Metromix, ZVents, and SonicLiving
-Listen to music clips from concert Events and RSVP to see who else is going on Facebook!
-Search for Events and Places by date and distance around you, your friends, or specific places
-Share button on Events and Places to share them with friends

Loopt Price: Free  

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  1. Fact is, there is not a heck of a lot of much interest to report about the iPhone. I look at these reports here and all I can say is ho hum. The next really big firmware update will be the only big news. As it is now, Cydia and jailbreaking are reserved for users who have stayed with 3.1.2. How long do you think they’ll stay with it? Will they stay with it when OS 4.0 is released? Is jailbreaking so important that upgrades that inclues a UI change, multi-tasking and a lot more would be ignored. A few will stay with 3.1.2, but in the end, the writing appears to be on the wall for all of us jailbreakers. The Dev team is in seclusion. GeoHot has retreated.

    • I made the mistake of upgrading to 3.1.3 and I’ve been regretting it every since :o( Me being new to jb the person who jb my phone left out the important detail of NEVER updating on Itunes…so now I’m SOL. I soooo miss the variety my jb gave me (sniffles)

    • I feel for you, but in the end, you’re the same as the rest of the world. Nobody will be jailbroken very soon, unless, of course they cling to 3.1.2 with the old bootrom, I might add.

    • I’m not sure I agree that jailbreak is dead. I suspect the Dev Team is still sitting on another exploit that will allow them to jailbreak in the future. They just don’t want to burn it on 3.1.3, which adds no new features. If they release a new jailbreak method now, Apple will simply patch the exploit before the release of the new iPhone and OS 4.0.

      That being said, jailbreak may end up dying because Apple adds features with each new version of the OS that were previously only available to jailbreaks. As time goes on, jailbreaking may simply become unnecessary.

      And speaking of dying, what’s up with this site. It is almost never updated anymore.