iPad Jailbroken!

Dev TeamWe heard that it probably wouldn’t take long for the iPad to be jailbroken and it’s true. A few devs have been at work since they picked up or received their iPads and it seems they are into the file system. Here are some tweets and a video from the devs on their progress:


Link to the IO registry tree: http://www.zodttd.com/docs/REGISTRY.plist.txt


ZodTTD has also been working on something else, SNES on the iPad:Note: The jailbreak is not out yet. This is just the progress the team has made. No public tool is ready yet.

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  1. When the iPad jailbreak is available to the public, that’s when I’ll be getting me self an iPad.

  2. i got mine on day 1 so when a jailbreak came out i wouldn’t have to wonder if apple put a fix in before i could get my hands on one. i got it in hopes that it could be jailbroken. this thing will be completely amazing whenever it’s finally done. can’t wait.