iPhone Firmware 4.0 Already Jailbroken

Dev TeamMuscleNerd has posted a video on YouTube of veency running on iPhone firmware 4.0. veency is an VNC app which lets you see and control you’re iPhone from a computer. The video also shows the cydia icon, new dock, new calculator button and the new folders feature.

Something you won’t find in stock 4.0…a VNC server :) Questions: http://twitter.com/musclenerd & http://blog.iphone-dev.org. PS: 4.0 BETAS are BUGGY! Don’t bother trying them if you’re not developing apps for them!

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  1. Thanks.

  2. killerbee1026 says

    I love hackers…LOL…A+

  3. wants a jailbreak says

    when will a new bootrom and mc model 3gs 4.0 jailbreak be released?

  4. thanxs


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