I Miss My Jailbroken iPhone

AISI’ve upgraded to the new 4.0 firmware and there are some sweet new features. I’ve have a lot of apps because we test so many so the new folders feature is great. It would be nice if you could select one of your app icons in the folder as the main folder icon. Otherwise everyone’s iPhones will just look like a bunch of folders.


Ok, so not all of my apps will be in folders, but it’s still not real pretty. With categories I could pick my own icon. And I could put more than 12 apps in a folder. The way the folders open and work is really kewl, but there are still limits. It is definitely easier to create and edit what’s in a folder in 4.0 than it is in categories. It opens faster and looks better too.

So I miss the ability to really customize things and have no limits on things. I really miss SBSettings. I use it a lot to turn of and on wifi, adjust my brightness and lock my screen from rotating. I’ve swiped the status bar a few times forgetting that it’s gone. Speaking of the status bar, I also miss having the temperature up there. I use it every morning when getting ready to run or get my kids ready.

Something Apple has never fixed that is REALLY ANNOYING is when you get a text message, you get a popup with the message. I hate this. When you’re on a phone call and get a few text messages you have to close them all before hitting end and hope no one around you says something they shouldn’t… That’s why I love popup blocker and quick dismiss. This allows you to get texts and not get any popup or only get them when your iPhone is locked. Quick dismiss lets you hit the home button to close the popup without removing the badge on the Messages app and then you can get to it later.

I also used popup blocker along with status notifier to show me when I have text messages, again, in the status bar. It will show other things like email or missed calls. Another app I used all the time and keep trying to use is SnapTap. This lets me take a picture by hitting the volume button when the camera app is open instead of trying to hit the little button on the screen. It will also start and stop a video recording.

All of these little hacks, mods, and customizations will keep me jailbreaking my iPhone. It’s nice to have Apple integrating (stealing) these features into their firmware. I really think they asked the question of “Why do people jailbreak?” and tried to add those features. Folders, homescreen wallpaper, backgrounding, spell checker and many more jailbreak apps may become obsolete with this update but I still think we will always jailbreak!

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  1. I only wanted 4.0 to try it out and get native wallpapers, but that isn’t the case on my iPhone 3G.

    I do miss my jailbreak. I’ll be buying the next iPhone for sure.

    • Im still running a 2g, and it looks like I’m falling right into the trap that Apple set for me. By not allowing me to upgrade, their forcing me to buy the next iteration of the iPhone too, even though my phone is perfectly capable of multi-tasking (have been for years) and having background wallpapers, folders, ect. I’ve been off contract with AT&T for over a year, and switched to T-Mobile the second my contract was up, and never regretted it, my bill dropped almost $40 a month, but now I have to sign on another 2 year contract with Apple *ahem* I mean AT&T.

    • I used to have my original iPhone on T-Mobile and even though my monthly bill was cheaper, when I bought my 3GS and switched to at&t last summer I felt like it was well worth the extra cost. I was so sick of having to use my EDGE connection when away from home and only my wi-fi when at home. Since T-Mobile’s 3G doesn’t work with the iPhone 3G or 3GS, you aren’t really able to use the iPhone to its fullest capability. I love being able to surf the internet, watch my Slingbox, and use apps like NBA League Pass and MLB at Bat over my 3G connection no matter where I am.

  2. A Mixture of OS 4.0 and Jailbreaking will be perfect.
    Use the built in “Folders” feature, and customize the icon with a themed icon. (name the icon to the folder name, just like you would with categories)
    Also, if you have Categories and use CategoriesSB, it makes categories work 100x faster, like it would be on the springboard.

  3. Nice article. I’ve a few bits and pieces that i’d miss too. SBsettings is a definite, yes. I also like iconoclasm and the Teknologik theme. I don’t think the native wallpapers will make up for that. Also little things like having the O2 logo rather than standard text in the status bar.
    Fair okay to apple for the big jump in features from 3.x to 4.0, but I think I too will always jailbreak.
    P.S. You really need to catch up on your unread mail!

  4. Douglas,

    how is the spell checker on 4.0?


  5. Did upgrade on a 3G or a (s), if 3G is the case, could you enable the multitasking?

  6. can someone or does someone know of or can list or link to something that lists the 100+ features described by apple. for example, there is now an sms character counter. previously only available through jailbreak. these are the little things that may have been added that slowly reduce the need for jailbreak.

  7. I have an extra 3G so I upgraded it to 4.0… I really like it. Of course it is bugging & runs a little funny sometimes.

    I have a question for anyone that can answer, my background wallpaper is still black & I can find how to change it. Also my option in “Photos” to MMS or email is untouchable. Why is it like that? Thanks, Jim

  8. I’m really looking forward to the folders to replace categories and am willing to deal with the 12 app limit and the same looking icon. Some JB features like Douglas said are must haves to increase my usability time with the this device.

  9. Anyone know when windows is going to support the new 4.0 beta? Currently you can only use a mac to install it on your phone :(

  10. I installed 4.0 on my 3GS also, and I like it. Runs pretty well. There Re a few bugs. But not many. There is a photo rotation button in photos, but I haven’t got the picture to stay rotated yet. But ps is fine for that. Other then that, the app folders are cool. Just wish I could put more apps in the folders. But multitasking is nice. Easy to Swich to messages from safari or mail, with out losing my spot. I sure can’t wait for the new iPhone :)

    • Leave A Comment says

      I have a mac and want to try 4.0. Do i need to pay the $99 dev kit tprice to try it?

  11. Guys,

    Is 4.0 beta already usable on day-to-day or too buggy?

    • I’m using it on a 3GS and it’s really no more buggy then having a Jailbroken phone. lol It runs really good from what I can tell the last couple days of using it.

  12. Can we download and install without subcribing to Apple Developer?
    I dont intend to develop anything, but would like to use it

  13. Can the 4.0 sdk beta be downloaded on Windows or it is only for Mac?
    Are you paying for the developer service? or how did you download it?
    Is it possible to find the sdk in other place?
    Can you give me your email?, or send me an email?, Its because I want to make you a question but I cannot say it here.
    Thank you.

  14. Thanks…I just learned some new jailbreak features. Popup blocker, temp, rotating (this one really has bothered me) can’t lay on your side….status, etc…

    These are great!

  15. Just a thought… how do do the folders handle badges.. categories can do a cumulative badge on the icon can os4 do this?

  16. I’m like Woz. I bought a Nexus One. It’s a jailbroken iPhone out of the box. I like it a lot. Like Woz, I’ll still have an iPhone, but let me tell you, the Nexus One is a great device. I use it all the time. The iPhone sits. I don’t miss it.

  17. spidewonder says

    is that worked on uk for the new spirit jb tool?