Apple Page Dots

WinterboardHere’s a pretty simple little mod. It just changes your dots that tell you what page you’re on at your homescreen to Apple logos. The way it was originally designed was to have the small apple be the page you’re on and the big ones for the rest of the pages. I thought it would look better with the page I’m on be the larger apple and the rest be smaller. Again, all I did was use iFile to browse into the folder in the Themes folder and rename each image file to the opposite name. You can see below the change:

This theme is found in the ModMyi Source.

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  1. Wow that’s ugly.

  2. ripplemelo says

    The colors are not in spanish, they’re in portuguese.

  3. wow, just found a cuter one for apple page dots!
    this even got some nice color on the apple/page you are at!

    Apple Page Dots Theme at Big Boss.