Apple Page Dots

WinterboardHere’s a pretty simple little mod. It just changes your dots that tell you what page you’re on at your homescreen to Apple logos. The way it was originally designed was to have the small apple be the page you’re on and the big ones for the rest of the pages. I thought it would look better with the page I’m on be the larger apple and the rest be smaller. Again, all I did was use iFile to browse into the folder in the Themes folder and rename each image file to the opposite name. You can see below the change:

This theme is found in the ModMyi Source.

WinterBoard Mods – Page Dots and Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There have been a few new themes in WinterBoard lately. I think there are a couple worth mentioning. The first theme Stormy Black, via modmyi, requires blank icons at the top of each page. You can easily create blank icons using iBlank The second theme Bluebird, via BigBoss, is a clean blue and black theme. The other two mods that I thought I would mention are page dot mods. We do not see a lot of these so, I always like to point them out. Both American Page Dots and Jet Page Dots are available via the Ranbee source. All of these mods are activated using WinterBoard. [Read more…]