Friday Night Movie Night: Rend Collective Experiment – Worship on iPhone

MusicSince I work as a Technology Manager for a church, I have been tipped off to this video quite a few times. I heard about it earlier this week but I wanted to hold it for Friday Night Movie Night. This Irish band recorded their whole song using iPhones. Check out the video and the list of apps they used to pull it off!

Apps (iTunes Links)

Vocals recorded on Voice memo (Stock Applications)
Drum Kit Lite – Free
Glocken jr – $0.99
pocket guitar – $0.99
fingerpiano lite – Free
shaker – Free
real violin lite – $0.99
Guitar:play and share – $3.99


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  1. This is so cool!! How great is our God done on Iphones…lol

  2. Guarddogg says

    Now that is AWESOME!

  3. what a blessing!

  4. Josh Wiens says

    So so good!

  5. look at 1:21 looks like the iphone HD or 4 or whathave you