Pre-order Your iPhone 4 From Your iPhone

Apple StoreToday was the first day of pre-ordering your iPhone 4. Things were running ok this morning when I first checked and I took my time going through the process of reserving my iPhone 4 on Apple’s website so I could take screenshots for our article. During that process Apple’s store went down while they updated the Mac mini. Once the store came back up I could never get through the entire pre-order process. This went on for most of the day.

Apple also released something else today. It’s an app in the App Store called Apple Store. Confused yet? It’s basically a store on your iPhone that sells all their products just like on What’s especially awesome about this is you can pre-order your iPhone 4 right from this app. It worked the first time for me and I was so excited that I forgot to take screenshots. Luckily my buddy grabbed some while he went through the process. I did receive an email from Apple saying my iPhone was reserved for the 24th although it did say my price was $599 which I know isn’t right.

Let us know how your experience went in the comments. Did you order one?

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  1. Not ordering until I hear when the white iPhone4 will be available. 

  2. Waiting for the white one as well…looks like I’m going to be camping out on the 24th!

  3. FYI- If it says reserved, it probably has not been purchased. You have to wait in the ‘reserved’ line. If you check that email, you’ll see it is not guaranteed. I saw a similiar process so when things allowed the purchase, I bought it. July 8th is my shipping date though! Tried all day online and could finish the whole process until about 6pm.

  4. I was finally able to get through the process around 5 pm yesterday, after a frustrating day on the website. I unfortunately was only able to reserve one in the store, which I’m not sure if that was because AT&T’s site had crashed or if there was just too much traffic on the Apple website. Ah well, hopefully I will make it on the morning of the 24th early enough to get in a “short” reserved line before work! Cheers, fellow iPhoners!

  5. I had no idea there was an apple store app in the AppStore lol. Well I preordered my iPhone 4 from my iPhone 3GS anyway. And ironically NOT using mobile safari. I used Alt Browser which runs better, faster and puts mobile safari to shame to order my iPhone 4.

    I started the process at 12pm EST but kept getting errors telling me that my order could not be processed and I also got session expired error messages. So, I just assumed that maybe it couldn’t be done from a mobile iPhone browser. I even DID make an attempt from mobile safari with the same error messages.

    I called Apple and wasn’t able to get through. That is until I kept redialing the number and finally did. After a 7 minute wait I got an Apple agent who told me that NO ONE was able to make an order becUse their server was overloaded and to try at random times later to see if I can get through. So I was like hmmm. Ok. Maybe it’s NOT the fCt that I’m trying to order directly from my iPhone.

    So I randomly tried here and there throughout the day until FINALLY at 7PM EST I got through. Using the Alt Browser app I was able to preorder a 32GB black iPhone 4 which will be delivered to my work address on the 24th. It took almost 3 hours to get my confirmation email though. But the actual ordering process went very smooth with the full apple store website on my mobile browser without the need for the apple store app that I didn’t even know existed lol.

    Can’t wait to receive my iPhone 4. :D The other browser I tried to use was Atomic Browser. Another powerful alternative to apples own offerings. I usually don’t talk about apps that I use like this unless they really are awesome. I can’t believe Apple still hasn’t included the functionality of the browsers that I mentioned in their own default browser that I rarely use now. ;)

  6. AnotherBrian says

    Reserved holds it all day for you and you will be able to pick it up. Did it last year and picked up in the afternoon. Yesterday I asked the manager at the Apple Store I will be picking up from and he said it will be there all day. Could there be a mistake or two, of course but don’t let the rumors that they will sell the reserved phones to customers in line fool you. If you can make it in the morning I would do it, but I will go in the afternoon because I need to work to pay for my iPhone, I will walk in and walk out in about 10 minutes with my new iPhone 4.

    Is everyone on vacation on this site? It’s like a ghost town on new articles.



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