Pre-order Your iPhone 4 From Your iPhone

Apple StoreToday was the first day of pre-ordering your iPhone 4. Things were running ok this morning when I first checked and I took my time going through the process of reserving my iPhone 4 on Apple’s website so I could take screenshots for our article. During that process Apple’s store went down while they updated the Mac mini. Once the store came back up I could never get through the entire pre-order process. This went on for most of the day. [Read more…]

iPhone 4 Pre-orders Start Today!

AppleYou can now begin pre-ordering the iPhone 4 via Apple’s website at You can either order one right there and have it shipped to your house on June 24th or you can reserve one for pickup in the Apple Store on June 24th. The store will be opening at 7:00am. There are always lots of questions about the process of getting a new iPhone and Apple has done a really good job of answering them. Here’s some of the answers I’ve found: [Read more…]