iPhone 4 Pre-orders Start Today!

AppleYou can now begin pre-ordering the iPhone 4 via Apple’s website at apple.com/iphone/pre-order. You can either order one right there and have it shipped to your house on June 24th or you can reserve one for pickup in the Apple Store on June 24th. The store will be opening at 7:00am. There are always lots of questions about the process of getting a new iPhone and Apple has done a really good job of answering them. Here’s some of the answers I’ve found:

– You can pre-order online by paying now and getting it shipped for free to your house on June 24th
– You can reserve your iPhone for pickup in the store on June 24th and not pay until you pick it up.
– When shipping to your home, it will be “ready to use”. Later I read, “All you have to do is set it up in iTunes.”, which I understand to be you can activate it with iTunes from home.
– When picking up in the store the will, “get you up and running in minutes” meaning they will activate the new phone in the store.
– Apple stores will open on June 24th at 7:00 a.m.
– The white version is not available for pre-order or in store pickup yet.
– The iPhone is still only with AT&T and you have to have the 2 year contract to get the $199 and $299 pricing.
– You can keep your unlimited data plan when switching to the new iPhone 4

During the process I got a lot of the “We’ll be back soon” screen. Just keep trying, you’ll get through.

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  1. any idea when the white one will be available?

  2. Willieworks says

    Got my order in at 4:55 am Pacific time, but site was crashy. Keep giving error when I tried to select delivery option. But phone was in cart and was able to complete transaction from there. Now trying to get wife’s phone without success. I guess everybody’s up and in there now.

  3. Grrr … there goes my day … click … click … “Sorry, your request cannot be processed at this time.” … work for 5 minutes … try again … etc …

  4. I’ve been at it since 5:30AM and can’t get past the ATT verification page. I’m giving up.

  5. I started at 5:45am EDT, and had no luck, at about 10:30, I was able to get one reserved in a store, but still could not order online to have it shipped to me. It’s now 1:15pm, and can’t even access the apple store.

  6. I’ve tried to pre-order via AT&T and get the “Unavailable at this time” when time to chek out. So I just made a reservation at an Apple store near the job. Guess I’ll wait in line like I have for the last 3 years. No problem, I love it! Meet new people etc…hookie from work always fun! I hope devs create social networks for the video call feature. Like Chatroulette…

  7. Reserved my sim free in the UK great to be unlocked.

  8. So finally at 5:00pm EDT, I was able to place an online order for the iPhone 4. Only took 12 hours. Did they not think they were going to have heavy volume today?

  9. iphonegrl says

    I had one ready to order at 730 am central time and then I noticed only black available clicked back and I haven’t been able to preorder since it is now 5:30 pm.

  10. It only took me 12 hours but I was finally able to pre order my iPhone 4 on AT&T’s website.

  11. Now on the AT&T website says, “Please contact Premier Support at 1-866-499-8008 Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time for assistance with your request,” but the recording I got was, “due to a high volume of calls at this time, we cannot assist you. Please try again later.”

  12. Do I have to wait in line if I reserved?

    Well I was lucky enough that I able to reserved three during early morning hour.

  13. I have already ordered an Iphone 4 yesterday (15 june) at one of the AT&T store in the town. they said that pre-order iphone only in black color but i like the white one. So then I take the black one until the white one come out, I have to pay them $30 for reinstock fee to get the white one. For me I really good. All I have to do now is WAITING…WAITING…..

  14. i hope this doesnt happen just like last year when i wasnt able to activate the iphone at home and i had to call at&t to fix it.

  15. Great piece..