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I got an official iPad case from Apple for Father’s Day yesterday. Unfortunately, it won’t be here for 2-4 weeks because they are back ordered. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the case but I thought I would try it out for myself or I would never know how it works for me. I’ve also been looking around at other cases. I like a lot of things about the case from Apple from what I’ve seen, but I would like a case that doesn’t have a flap that I have to open every time I want to use my iPad. On the other hand, I want to protect it, both front and back, from nicks and scratches. Right now I use no case and carry my iPad in this messenger bag from AĆ©ropostale:


Mine’s a light tan, but you get the point. I like having a bag for it because I can keep a charger, headphones, external batteries for my iPhone, and other accessories. I still want a case for my iPad, mostly for two things: grip and scratch protection front and back. I really do not want a film screen protector. I like directly interfacing with the glass. The Apple case would protect the case and give it grip but I just don’t know if I like the flap being in the way while I’m using it. So, yesterday, I was talking with a friend about cases and he was saying how he only uses Otterbox. I thought how sweet that would be to have an Otterbox case for the iPad.

I checked out their website and they have two! Two downfalls already are they aren’t for sale yet and they are pretty expensive at $64.95 (Commuter Series) & $89.95 (Defender Series). What I love about the more expensive one is the detachable cover that converts to a stand. This is just want I wanted. I want a case with good protection and grip but something to protect the front. Since the cover can be clipped to the back, front or removed completely, this gives me a lot of options. Of course the questions is, is how bulky is it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see but this gives you a nice options for a tough case. The lower model does not come with the cover.

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What case are you using? Do you like it? What are you looking for in a case?

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  1. I use the apple one and like it a lot. I’m not sure why so many people hate it.

    You can simply keep it folded backwards, so you don’t have to be flipping it every time you pick up the ipad. And I, for one, really like the fact that you CAN flip it to protect the front quickly. That way, there is no chance of scratching it as I move other junk around the table.

    Let me know what you think when you get it.

  2. I too initially had the Apple iPad case but found the flap too annoying to use. It felt that it was in my way just flopping/dangling when in use. Sure the stand is a nice feature but it wasn’t a feature that I frequently used.

    I had an incident one day with this iPad case. I’ve set the iPad with the flap covering the screen on my car’s floor. When I arrived at my destination I grabbed my iPad as I normally would. When I flipped open the cover, I noticed a pebble was pinched between the cover and the iPad glass!!! Luckily, I invested in a protective film and installed it prior to purchasing the iPad case otherwise my glass would have been all scratched up or possibly cracked! So beware if you buy this case and don’t like the feel of any film protectors.

    I ended buying the Clear Belkin Grip Vue iPad case and I couldn’t be any happier. Love the grip, not bulky, enough protection, and doesn’t detract from the iPad’s beauty!


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