New Kindle Commercial Takes A Stab At The iPad

When I first heard about Amazon’s new commercial that takes a stab at the iPad… I thought that maybe they mention the iPad for a few seconds somewhere in the commercial. I definitely didn’t think the WHOLE commercial would be about comparing the iPad and the Kindle however, that is exactly what they did. Amazon’s new commercial “compares” that iPad’s ability to be viewed in sunlight vs the Kindle’s. Check out the commercial below.


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  1. it’s true…one of the things i hate the most about taking my ipad outside. good thing there are screen protectors that help out with that…i’m buying one really soon. i sold my kindle for my ipad so no regrets there.

  2. She’s not too ‘bright’ if she’s trying to read that screen through sunglasses, the screens are cross polarized to help block the sunlight and looking through vertically polarized sunglasses makes the screen as dim as you see on the ipad.. so they see the same thing.. unless she takes off her overpriced sunglasses. .duh

  3. That reflective screen would have some added benefits in that setting, if you know what I mean. :)’