New Kindle Commercial Takes A Stab At The iPad

When I first heard about Amazon’s new commercial that takes a stab at the iPad… I thought that maybe they mention the iPad for a few seconds somewhere in the commercial. I definitely didn’t think the WHOLE commercial would be about comparing the iPad and the Kindle however, that is exactly what they did. Amazon’s new commercial “compares” that iPad’s ability to be viewed in sunlight vs the Kindle’s. Check out the commercial below. [Read more…]

Turn your iPhone and/or iPod Touch into a Kindle

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Kindle Yesterday, Amazon released an application titled Kindle for iPhone. For those of you who are not familiar with Kindle it is a “software and hardware platform for reading electronic books (e-books), developed by” Kindle for iPhone brings that software to your iPhone allowing the user to read Kindle books via their iPhone or iPod Touch. The application itself is free however, it does cost to purchase books from (though, there are a few free books and you can usually get a free “sample” of a book).

The application also introduces Whispersync which allows the user to “to seamlessly switch back and forth between your Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone while keeping your bookmarks and reading location synchronized between devices. Now you can easily pick up reading right where you left off on your Kindle or iPhone.”

Below is the App Store description of the app, my walk-through of the app and some screenshots
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