Friday Night Movie Night: Limera1n Jailbreak for Mac & Windows

Limera1nGeohot has released jailbreaks for all devices running firmware 4.0, 4.0.2 & 4.1 and the iPad running 3.2.2. Warning: this is not an unlock! Here are some helpful video guides to walk you through the process.

Jailbreak on Mac

Jailbreak on Windows

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  1. I’m confused with jailbreaks for the first time in years…. What jailbreak do I use on an iPhone 3G if I update it to 4.1? Unlocking isn’t an issue.

    It seems none of the jailbreaks work with a 3GS unless I’m mistaken?

  2. On 10/16/10 pawntool by the dev team will be out this is a safer jailbreak for the Mac as it has undergone serval tests.

    Limran1 can break your cell phone if done wrong ie not waiting for the operation to complete. I know of 5 friends who tried the jailbreak and had to pay full price for a new iPhone. So if you jailbreak please follow the instruction very carefully.

  3. Hi, i have an 16GB iphone 3G version 4.0.1, i want to upgrade to 4.1, what jailbreak and unlock do I use ?

  4. my hope is that someone releases a JB tool that’ll work on a PPC mac. i know it’s been years, but c’mon: i spend all my scratch on iDevices – none leftover for a macbook. ;)

  5. JungleGoose says

    Is this legit for the iphone 4 running OS 4.1 and have it been tested fully. plus how can tell when to release the home or power buttons.

  6. iPhone 4 – 16GB – IOS 4.1

    Followed the process….I had to strt over (I have dual monitor and itunes poped up in the middle and covered Limerain). After moving limerain to the other monitor I followed the process and it worked like a charm.

    Yay…I won’t be upgrading without the jailbreak being possible again. I hate it when that happens.