FaceMan Update

I talked about this app in episode 20 of i101 but the recent update was significant enough to write about it again. If you don’t remember, this app does what Photo Booth for the Mac does. It uses the front facing camera and adds silly effects. The update now allows you to use the rear camera too. It also added 4 new effects including AsciiArt (drawing the image with just letters, numbers and other ASCII characters), ModernArt, 100Me and NightVision. Check out the screenshots below for examples. There are a lot more features that were added so here’s the complete list:

List of Updates

– polished UI to get things done in less taps and more fun
– completely redesigned album
– completely redesigned settings
– 4 new effects added: AsciiArt, ModernArt, 100Me, NightVision
– added support for front and back camera
– automatically save to device photo library
– captures are now saved at native camera resolution
– new sharing feature to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
– new timer option mode
– new flash option mode
– some bugs fixed



Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  
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