App Switcher Volume

When Apple came out with iOS 4, one of the big features was multitasking. Part of multitasking is double pressing the home button to get to an app switching dock. It’s kind of like command+tab on the mac to switch between apps. Well when you pull up this app switching dock, you can swipe to the left to get a nice little menu that has features like locking the rotation of the screen, quick access to music controls and the icon to the most recent app that’s playing audio in the background like the iPod or Pandora.

This hack, App Switcher Volume, adds a volume slider to this dock. It also gives you access to bluetooth output selection. It’s pretty simple. You just install it via Cydia and then it appears in this section of the dock. I haven’t figured out how to get the bluetooth icon to show up and disappear. My bluetooth is always off so I’m not sure why it showed up. Also, this controls music volume and not ringer volume so don’t be surprised if you crank this slider down but still get other system noises!


Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  
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  1. if you ask me, these tweaks are not worth the money…

  2. I put it in the category “I wish it were $.49 instead of $.99 app”

  3. thats weird i usually just use the included buttons that are always present all the time, on the side of the phone. I dont need a volume bar, anywhere.

  4. I have a sbsettings volume toggle and multimusicinfo!
    I don’t need that!