HomePage – Always Return to 1st Home Screen

This is a simple and free hack that brings you back to your 1st home screen after closing any app. So, if you swipe to page 4 and open an app, once you close it you will be taken right back to the first page. Works great! One thing that does annoy me is when you open an app in a folder you have to close the folder before it will return to the home screen. Hopefully this will be fixed or become an option. Here’s a video demo.


Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  
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  1. How about combining “HomePage” with “FolderCloser”?

  2. I like his wallpaper,also his tweak,im gonna try.xie xie

  3. Also you could combine it with FolderEnhancer and it allows multiple pages in folders and it will auto close folders on app launch.

  4. i currently have a 3g using ios 4.3.3 and I was wondering if any one was having the same problem as me. i installed homepage, but then i dont start on page one. i start on my spot light for some reason. if any one has a quick fix lemme know

  5. Uriel Arce says

    What are the steps to do this ??