Cydia 1.1 Update

This morning Jay Freeman (@saurik) release Cydia 1.1. This update makes Cydia “faster, slimmer, and more stable; including an improved search algorithm and resume where you left off.”

When it was first released it was running a bit slow but now that the rush of people downloading it is over it’s running great.

Also, don’t worry about some of your sources being uninstalled during the process. They will still be there as explained in this tweet:

Here are some screenshots of the new Cydia.

UPDATE: While writing this article, version 1.1.1 was released. As of now, I do not know what changes where made but if we find out, we will let you know.

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  1. I’ve had so many issues with this Cydia update. I had installed the 1.1 update and then the 1.1.1 update.

    My iPhone 4 has been unstable for the last two days. It was continually locking up. Cydia gave error messages occasionally. I ran the “app-get update” a couple of times. For most of my jail-broken apps, only some of the functionality was working — certain menu selections would hang the iPhone.

    I finally was able to use PkgBackup to restore from a backup taken on March 20th. Now Cydia and all other packages are on the latest version and appear to be stable. I’m still not 100% sure about my current Cydia configuration.

    Next time that Cydia releases an update, I’m going to wait TWO DAYS before installing it!

  2. Thanks for the update. But Brain is right, installing Cydia updates immediately rendered my phone unstable too. So I would suggest everyone to wait for few days before installing it.

  3. abdallah tahboub says

    please i need to know how can i download software for my iphone
    i have update my iphone
    but no cydia,no simcard …sombody told my to downlod a new software
    but ihave no idea how
    so i really need some help
    and sorry for my english


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  7. Omar Fuentes says

    My iPod Touch 2G has an strange problem (at least for me!): the slide to unlock is frozen. I was ready to trow it in the garbage after Apple told me it will cost me $200 to fix it. I kept it and purchase another one. After few month I found it in the button of a drawer and I decided to charge it again. Bingo! The slider start working again and it was running great for a while. I even installed Cydia and play with few applications. All of the sudden the slider went off again. I read somewhere that it could be fixed with Cydia, put since I can unlock the device i guess there is nothing I can do even when Cydia on it. Any advice? I know now that it can definitely be fixed and avoid “giving” away $200 to Apple but I need some directions on how to do it. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!!

  8. Merci

  9. Je vex installer cydia

  10. just recently my Ipod touch was jailbroke and they selected to put a cydia app on it. out of curiosity I click on cydia a message pop out but I can’t remember sorry for that after my application are gone. What happen? What should I do next? What is cydia? What is the advantage of having this appl? Someone please help me.