BytaFont – Change System Fonts on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

There have been jailbreak apps that change fonts before but for the 4.x firmware I am liking an app called BytaFont. It’s free and there are a lot of fonts available with more being added all the time. Some are a little crazy but some are sweet. You can even have different fonts in different areas of your device. Here’s a list of all the areas:

– Dialer/Calculator
– Keyboard
– Lockscreen Clock
– Notes
– System

Again, there are a ton of fonts but I’ll just show a few below to give you an idea. One thing that would be nice is if you could use different fonts for your home screen but keep stock fonts elsewhere. I’m guessing this is a Apple firmware limitation.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  


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  1. Any chance you might remember what font IMG #0547, and 0547 was?

    Also which do you feel is better this font app, or FontSwap?


  2. Can’t work at iOS 4.3.3…..poor.

  3. nice


    Browese this URL to Get how the fonts looks like..


  5. I really like the font in IMG_0538. Could u please let me know the font name? Thank u much

  6. Tamil font install the iphone 3gs .new design the software. Please try again…
    Thank’ u…

  7. How can I get scriptina font for iphone in cydia or bytafont ??

  8. Can i know what is the font name in
    Plz :)

  9. I installed BytaFont but it is not showing up on my homescreen. So I have no way to change my fonts. Please help.

  10. ByTaFont is charging money now :c
    And I don’t see any results when searching Cydia (Jailbreak)
    Anyone having same