Another new feature of iOS 5 is called iMessage. It’s like texting but you can only message to others with the iMessage app. Currently only the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch run the iMessage service. It’s great because it’s a part of the current Messages or Texting app. For iPads and iPod touches, you’ll get a new app that wasn’t there before. For iPhones, It’s part of the same app used before for texting but won’t cost as a text through your carrier if both parties have iMessage. This will not work for regular phone numbers.

When using an iPhone, you can tell if you’re sending a text message or an iMessage based on what is displayed in the typing field before you type something. Here’s an example:

With iMessage, you can also see that the message has been delivered. See the previous screenshot again. You’ll see the word “delivered” under the message. You can also tell what type of message is being sent because the bubbles will be green for text and blue for iMessage and you can see when the other person is typing when a … appears.

A final tip to help you get it set up best: Go to you settings app, then Messages and scroll down to “Receive At” and make sure your email you want to use is listed. I had the word error next to my phone number and had to turn iMessage on and off again in the settings to get it to work again.

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  1. iMessage is a cool feature, but definitely has some bugs to iron out. If you are using the iPad to go to mobile numbers it will keep separate windows if for some reason the message goes through different avenues.

    I could literally text my wife and her number OR her email and on her phone they were in two different conversation. It’s kinda confusing, helpfully they keep everything in ONE window per user.

  2. You can also tell when the other person read your messages but only if they enable it on the messages settings.

  3. My text to my husband on iCloud show up as his own cell number. It just started yesterday. Any idea as to why? I did install text plus to my iPad, also on the cloud

    • Did you upgrade to firmware 5.0.1? Some people have been having troubles with contacts and the new update. Also, make sure you both have your phone number and email address in your iMessages settings in the Settings app.

  4. Dumb question probably – but do messages sent through iMessage show up on your itemized list of text messages that you receive through your carrier on your statement? Or do they not go through the carrier at all? Does this question make sense?

  5. Another dumb question. If I message to another Iphone user does it arrive as a text or an email.
    I want it to arrive as a text!

  6. Why must I add a template?

  7. Why must I add a template? Every time I open iMessage, I am required to create/add a template

  8. Why must I add a template? Every time I open iMessage, I am required to create/add a template.

  9. Sometimes iMessage works and other times it sends my message as a text message instead, why is that? Is it something that I should change in the settings?

  10. Sometimes iMessage works and other times it sends my message as a text message instead, why is that?

    • If the receiving phone is switched off, without of 3G/wifi connection, or on a call.

  11. Hi I want to know will you see what the other iPhone is texting you before it is send or,is it a app for it ???

  12. I just upgraded to the Galaxy Stratosphere II this past weekend. When I am typing out a text it completely changes the letters I’m typing. When I get done typing the word it (most of the time) goes back to what I typed but it’s very confusing. Is there a setting on my phone that needs to be changed?

  13. But will an imessage show up in the list of “recent” when sending a regular text through