Hipstamatic – Update 251

I haven’t used this app lately because I have Instagram now and don’t use many other apps for photo effects. One of the recent features to be added is the ability to directly post to Instagram from Hipstamatic so I thought I’d give it a try. Here are some pictures I took:

Ashton Ashton Asthon

A couple things that I don’t like about Hipstamatic are you have to pick the camera before you take the picture where Instagraam you take one picture and can scroll through the results later. I also don’t like that the preview is a very small square on the screen. Overall, if you’re looking from some more traditional effects rather than the Instagraam effects this app is worth it.

Here are the recent bug fixes and performance improvements:

■ Improved HipstaProcessing performance
– Fixes a bug that could cause a crash when deleting a print
– Fixes a bug where when sharing multiple images at once would fail without showing an alert message
– Fixes bugs relating to adding images to an existing stack
– Fixes a bug that could cause a crash when sharing an image while your iPhone is set to Italian
– Fixes bugs causing issues ordering prints
■ Other miscellaneous bug fixes

…plus all the goodies from the 250:

■ Share to Instagram! Exclusive to Hipstamatic, easily share your HipstaPrints directly to Instagram
■ Brand-new HipstaShare system
– Easily swipe and zoom through all your HipstaPrints
– Share to multiple photo networks at once
– Tag your friends in Facebook
– View history of where your photo was taken and where it was shared to
■ Hipstamatic is now localized in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Malay, and Swedish

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  1. Cool Article thanks !

  2. Just for your information if you double tap on the small preview you get a BIG one and you can then take the picture by touching the screen! I do this all the time! I actually descovered it by accident! :)