Warning: Free, Addictive Game – CSR Racing

If you’re looking for a free, super addicting game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, check out CSR Racing in the App Store. It’s currently in the top free apps and is the top grossing game. I’ve successfully played the game without buying anything. It’s very doable and still really fun. The game is a drag racing game where you control your start, shifting & when to use your nitro boost. You can use prize money and coins to upgrade your car or buy a new one. There are diferent tiers of cars and different types of races. This app looks great on the iPad and is where I play it the most. I’d like to see a little more customization on the cars such as wheels, spoilers, etc. but this is a really fun game and best of all it’s free!

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  


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  1. wooww…. realy good 3d quality…

  2. Good game good graphix get unlimited gold and unlimited money with using ifile u must be jailbroken than goto ifile >var>mobile>aplications>csrracing>crs4app>appdataroot> asset_database_default than it will ask you how you want to open select text than press edit all the values will be there for the vehicle and there parts the first will be Audi select the cash value and enter -999999999 than goto the first upgrade eng0 of the Audi and change the cash value to 1 and the gold value to -999999999 than save and done by setting these values to -negative apon purchase it will pay you cash and gold ! Goto your app switcher and close csr racing from the background and now open the app select car dealer buy the Audi and get paid $999,999,999.00 no goto upgrade your Audi the first engine upgrade select and you should get 999,999,999. Gold in return ! Happy hacking :)

  3. Don’t change the cash value to 1 always zero that was a typo should be eng1 not eng0

  4. dont do what hacked says i had to reinstall my game cause of what he said

  5. Harry Styles says

    This was a great racing experience indeed and the graphics make up for the few glitches that you sometimes encounter. In-app purchases are also not a must and I can reassure gamers that monetization techniques employed are surely not as fierce as some other less mature games.

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