Get iOS 6 on Your Device Right Now!

If you want to get iOS 6 on your device right now without waiting you can get it from a bit torrent. It’s really not too hard. I’ll guide you through the steps. This will put the same exact software Apple is releasing to the public.

1. First thing I would suggest is backing up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Either back it up in iTunes or use iCloud. I use iCloud so here’s what to do: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > and scroll to the bottom. It should show the last backup and a button to “Back Up Now”. If it can’t be tapped, you need to be on Wifi. If it’s plugged in and on Wifi then it will do it automatically periodically. Here are the devices that can be updated to iOS 6.

Some devices will not get all features. For example, only the iPhone 4S and 5 get Panorama. I wouldn’t mind it on my iPad 3! Maybe a hack later… Another feature not all devices get is turn by turn directions.

2. Next on our list is to download the version of iOS you need for your device. Make sure you get the right one. If you’re on AT&T you need the GSM version and Verizon is CDMA. I’m pretty sure that it will just error and do nothing if you have the wrong one but there’s no sense wasting your time downloading the wrong one. Here’s where I got the link to download: Now this file you download isn’t the firmware. It’s a link to start the download of the firmware. You will need a BitTorrent program to download the firmware. I use a free program for the Mac called Transmission. Open the first file you downloaded with the BitTorrent program to start the download.

3. Once you download the firmware you, connect your device to iTunes and select it on the left. Hold the Option/Alt key and click Check for Update (Not Restore). A window should pop up and let you select your new firmware.

That’s it. Now just wait. Soon you’ll have the new iOS 6 on your device!

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  1. Thanks for the info! So far, so good. Looking forward to playing with it. I did want to note that in Windows you have to hold down Shift when selecting Check for Update in iTunes.


  1. […] automatically through you Settings app, you will need to manually install iOS 6 GM (Golden Master). You can see my instructions here. Some of the new features that came with the Golden Master were not revealed or available before. […]