Cinemagram – It’s Like a Moving Instagram

There are all kinds of apps the are trying to get in on the Instagram popularity. Many apps are just knockoffs or just plain junk. Cinemagram is not one of those apps. It allows you to create a moving gif image, kind of like a very short video but in a picture format. The kewl thing is, you can have the image loop, go forward & back, or loop backwards. You can also make only part of the image move. There are some amazing and hilarious Cimemagrams. Here are a few to show you how it looks:

You’ll notice the first two pictures are just looping the entire picture back and forth but the next two have just a certain part of the picture moving. This is because during the process of taking the video, you can select the part of the image that you want to move and what you want to stay still. Some people are really creative with this. You can also add filters just like you can in Instagram. Check out the app and see what you can make! Here are a few of mine I’ve made:

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Recent Changelog 1.17

★ Feeds are now amazingly fast – Using iOS6 streaming capabilities (iPhone4S and up)
★ Introducing the Inspired feed – Get inspired from the best Cines ever created
★ Reposts and likes can now be deleted.
★ Activities are now grouped and better organized
★ Introducing the friends activity feed – see what your friends are doing on Cinemagram
★ Improved the flagging system
★ Major performance improvements for older devices
★ See who liked a Cinemagram
★ Several other bug fixes and improvements

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  1. This seems like a very entertaining app. Wonder if it integrates with the current Instagram version that can now handle video, though?