FlipControlCenter – Customizeable Control Center Switches

There are a few different hacks out already that add features to the Control Center. So far, I like this one the best for customizing my switches at the top. Here’s what the Control Center looks like from Apple without any changes:

Control center before

After installed, your control center can look like this:

This hack is great because it comes with a lot of adjustable settings. If you go to your settings app and then find flip control center you will see a few options you can change. The first one is called active switches which allows you to activate and deactivate your choice of switches. You can also organize the order in which the switches display. Another setting allows you to block switches from being able to be used on your lock screen. I block the settings app and the respring switch. You can also select how many switches appear per page and force the first page to always open every time Control Center is opened.

Here is a list of the current available switches that come with that app: settings, Wi-Fi, rotation, do not disturb, flashlight, autolock, respring, LTE, cellular data, location services, Bluetooth, hotspot, vibration, airplane mode, ringer & VPN.

At the time of writing this article this hack does not show up in Cydia unless you add this source: http://rpetri.ch/repo/ You can learn how to add a source to Cydia from our guide here: How to add a source to Cydia.

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