Inform Me – All The Device Info You’d Ever Want

This application will tell you everything about your iPhone or other iDevice. Model number, serial number, battery info, chip info, wifi info, space, memory and a whole lot more. This application is free and works on all devices running iOS 6 or higher and supports 64bit devices. Once installed, just visit your Settings app and look under Inform Me. Here is a list of all the info it provides:

Identifying Information
Model Number
Serial Number
MLB Serial Number
Inverse Device ID
CPU Architecture
User Device Name
Bluetooth Information
Bluetooth Address
Battery Information
Battery Percentage
Is Charging?
Is Cable Connected?
Baseband Information
Serial Number
Cert ID
Chip ID
Firmware Version
Telephony Information
Subscriber Network Code
Device Information
Chip ID
Computer Name
HW Model
Board ID
Device Name
Device Color
Device Class Number
Supported Device Families
Build Version
Product Name
Product Version
Firmware Version
Circuit Card ID
Region Code
Wireless Information
Wifi IP Address
Wifi Vendor Name
Data IP Address
More Device Capabilities
Supports Facetime?
Supports Tethering?
Supports Navigation?
Supports 720p?
Supports 1080p?
Supports 4G?
Supports 3D maps?
Supports 3D Imagery?
Has panorama Camera?
Has Baseband?
Filesystem Information
Free Space in /
Free Space in /var
Filesystem Owner
Application Information
Number of installed Apps
Application List (when you press on an app you get: bundle id, path, version, usage of the app (size))
Memory Information
Total Memory Installed
Free Memory Available
List of running Processes and their PID (you can kill a process if you want to)


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  1. Fred M Pfeiffer says

    Nice article, but where do I download it ????

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