NoLowPowerAlert – Disables Low Battery Alert

This is a simple little hack but just another one of the many reasons I still jailbreak my iPhone and iPad. The low battery alerts are super annoying. The worst is when I’m at the end of my work day and my iPhone is low on power and I’m trying to voice text my wife that I’m heading home and while I’m using the voice to text feature the low battery alert pops up and stops my dictation. AHHHH!!! Annoying!!!! I know that I have low battery because I can see the percentage in the top right of my screen at all times. I don’t need an alert at 20% and again at 10%. Ok, rant over. So, just search Cydia for NoLowPowerAlert and install. That’s it! Alerts gone. This hack is free.

If you still want alerts but would like them to show up as a banner notification, check out PowerBanners.


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  2. Thank you, this is really helpful. It’s definitely annoying when the alert stops the activity that is currently On. Thanks for sharing