Where are the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus? Why iPhone 8 and X?

Lots of people are asking, “Why did Apple name the new devices iPhone 8 and X (ten)? Why didn’t they call the iPhone 8 the iPhone 7s like usual?” Apple has had a pattern over the years: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs; iPhone 4, iPhone 4s; iPhone 5, iPhone 5s… You get the point. The correlating pattern is: new physical design, update hardware speed/features. Apple has been changing the look of the iPhone every two years with small updates in the year in between. This year that changes. I think the number one reason Apple changed their pattern is they wanted to add wireless charging so they went back to a glass backside (like the iPhone 4) for less interference while charging. They kept the two sizes and most other features of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus while gaining hardware updates like faster processors. So, because of the physical change in the case to a glass back, they went with a new number: 8.

Now, why jump to the iPhone X (ten) instead of iPhone 9? The first iPhone was announced on June 9th, 2007, ten years ago. With the 10-year anniversary landing in 2017, they named this iPhone the iPhone X. It is not pronounced as the letter X but the number ten. This iPhone has many differences from the iPhone 8 that we will cover later but it has a lot of features we’ve been waiting for like an OLED screen and facial recognition.

Will there be an iPhone 8s? iPhone 9? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out!

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  1. Another possible reason that they chose not to come out with a 7s, 7+s version could be because they never really changed the iPhones design from the 6/6s, 6+/6+s to 7/7+…

    At the time is was a major disappointment when they launched the 7 version and it hadn’t changed at all so I always thought of it as the 6ss.

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