New App – BallFight 1.0

BallFight BallFight is a new game available in the through the Soneso Repository. The app opens to the typical Soneso intro screen…just tap the screen to bring up the main menu. You will then get the option for 1 Player (you vs computer), 2 Player (you vs another player) and Highscores. If you tap on Highscores it will bring you to the online database displaying the top 25 scores…you also have the option to view the top 50 scores. If you tap on 1 player it will bring you to the play screen…you will see two rows of balls…orange on the top, blue on the bottom (you are blue). The point of the game is to get your opponents pieces into the goal on either end of the play screen by hitting their pieces with yours. To move your piece…tap and drag it. Once you have made a goal… [Read more…]