Domino Update 1.2

Domino The update to Domino has brought with it a quite a few changes to the app. The first change you will notice is when you open the app there is now a header that tells who the game was developed by and gives you the option to tap on it for more info about the app. The main menu also has a new feature…the addition of a Highscores button. If you tap on Highscores it will bring you to the online database displaying the top 25 scores…you also have the option to view the top 50 scores. There have also been some changes to the play screen. It now displays the number of the game you are on and your bonus points. When a game is over you you will get the option to play a new game and now the option to go back to the main menu. Sometimes at the end of a game I get the option to Quit and submit score (which is new) but, it seems to happen at random times! And, unless I get that option…there is no way to submit my score. This app is available in the through the Soneso Repository source. Here are the screenshots:
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Domino Update 1.2 Domino Update 1.2 Domino Update 1.2
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Domino Update 1.1

Domino There was an update in the yesterday for Domino which is in the Soneso Source. The update changed the intro screen…instead of saying human vs human and human vs device it says 1 player or 2 player. Which…I think is a good update!! It also seems like the dominoes move a little differently but, I could just be over analyzing! Here are a few screenshots:

domino update 1.1 domino update 11

New Game – Domino

Domino Domino is a new game available in the through the Soneso Source. The object of the game is to match your dominoes to the center dominoes…the first player to get rid of all of their dominoes is the winner. When the app first opens it gives you the option to human vs human or human vs device. Once you make a selection, you will be brought to the play screen where there are two rows of dominoes…one on the top of the screen and one on the bottom (you need to tip your iPhone horizontally). If you are playing human vs device, your dominoes are the ones on the bottom. The first move goes to the player with the highest number doubles on their dominoes. To move just tap the domino you would like to play. You continue the game by matching your domino to one of the two dominoes in the middle (you can lay your domino on either side as long as it matches). If you do not have any dominoes that match just tap your dominoes and it will draw you two more. If your domino can be played on either side…two little arrows will pop up allowing you to choose the side you would like your domino on. Once one of the players win…you will be given the option to play again by tapping the screen. Here are the screenshots:

Domino Domino Domino
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