iFlickr 0.9

iFlickriFlickr has been moved from the Ste Packaging source to the AppTapp source. However, when it was moved…it was released with a new version. Version 0.9 makes only one visual change to the app. In the menu where it used to say Send to… it now says Add Details… I like the new label, I think it makes more sense. Other than that, the app functions the same as in the previous version.

iFlickr 0.9 iFlickr 0.9

iFlickr 0.8

iFlickr iFlickr is an app that allows you to upload images from the Camera Roll straight to your Flickr account. The app opens to a page where you can take a photo, view the images in your Camera Roll or go into the Settings. You will want to set up the settings first (icon in the lower right corner)…you will need to add your Flickr account info and then just set the rest of the settings which include turning on/off Save on iPhone, Upload as Private and Geolocation. Now, once you hit Configure Flickr and are back on the main screen…you can go into your Camera Roll using the icon in the lower left corner. From here… [Read more…]