iApp-a-Day – Interval

IntervalThe app for November 13th is “Interval”. Got a big date coming up? Christmas? Wedding? Baby due date? Enter the date and this app will tell you the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until it happens. If you need a date in the year 3000 and beyond you’re out of luck, this app stops at 2999. :) In all serious though, a big downfall to this app is that it doesn’t keep the date and countdown once you leave the app. Check out an app called iCountDown in the Installer.app under Ste Packaging Source for an app that allows 4 countdowns and retains your dates. We’ll do a post about iCountDown soon!

iApp-a-Day - Interval iApp-a-Day - Interval iApp-a-Day - Interval
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