Network App – iSMS prev-b1228

iSMS iSMS is available through the in the Ste Packaging source. iSMS is an app that gives you a ton of options for text messaging that the stock iPhone does not offer. Some of them include; viewing text messages one at a time, deleting one message at a time, forwarding text messages and forwarding them to multiple contacts, searching within your texts, adding smilies in your texts, replying to text with a quick reply (from templates provided) and more. When you open iSMS you will see a main screen that shows you the number to texts in your Inbox, Drafts and Sent messages. If you tap on one of those three options it will bring up the text messages in that folder….it brings them up individually from oldest to newest. You can then tap edit in the top right corner and delete one message at a time. You can also tap on one of the messages to bring it up individually. From here you can call the number, reply to the message, forward the message, delete the message or go to the prevous/next text message. What is really cool is [Read more…]