Marble 1.0

Marble Marble is available in the through the Soneso Repository source. When you open the app you will see the Soneso screen…just tap to get to the main menu. From here you have two options; Play and Highscores. If you choose Highscores(by tapping on it) you will be brought to a web page displaying the top 25 scores. You also have the option to view the top 50 scores. If you select Play you will be brought directly to the play screen and level one. The object of the game is to get the blue ball into the goal by tilting your iPhone (the goal is labeled as “Next Level”). However, at the same time, the orange ball is trying to knock you out of the way. There are also little diamonds on the play screen…in different levels there are different diamonds. If the diamond is blue…your ball will just bounce off of it. If the diamond is red…you will lose points when your ball hits it. If the diamond is green it transports your ball to a different part of the play screen. There are other diamonds too…like black and yellow. But, I will let you figure out what they do! :) If you win… [Read more…]