QuickTip – Auto Scrolling in Safari

AiS One of the main reasons we purchase an iPhone is because of the amazing ability to browse the web on a portable device. You have to admit…nothing does it better! Here is a QuickTip that may make browsing even more productive.

QuickTip – When in Safari, you can tap on the Status Bar (this is where the time is displayed on your iPhone) to auto scroll to the top of a web page. This is great for those times when you are reading a long article and then need to go back to the top of the page to go to the next article or to get back to the Search Bar.

Let us know in the comments if you have a specific way/time when you use this feature.

QuickTip Introduction

AiS Once a week, or so, I’m going to publish a QuickTip. These are going to be very simple, very quick tips about functions, on the iPhone or iPod Touch, that some readers may not know about. My hope is that they will improve your productivity and the functionality of your iPhone or iPod Touch. You may find that you already know some of these QuickTips however, you may be reminded of a feature you forgot about or even discover a new one!

If you have a quick tip you would like to share with us, email it to QuickTip@appleiphoneschool.com.