PageLock – Remove SpringBoard Page Scrolling Ability

PageLock is a hack that removes the ability to scroll through the pages on your SpringBoard. I know what you thinking, “So how in the world am I going to get to my next page of apps?” I’ll be honest, I was thinking the same thing! So, I installed the hack and gave it a try. What I found is that it does indeed stop the ability to scroll between pages on your SpringBoard however, you are able to tap next to the page dots on the bottom of the SpringBoard to go to the next page. Tap to the left of the page dots to scroll left and tap to the right of the page dots to scroll right.
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iMood – Create Scrolling Banners

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iMood iMood is a simple application that allows you to create scrolling banners or just display an emoticon message on your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. iMood opens to the main page in which you have two options; Moods or Chat. The Moods option allows you to select a mood from a list of options (Happy, Sad, Love, Awake, Laughing…etc). Once you have selected a mood, you can then type in a message. When you select Show, it will display the emoticon for the mood you chose and your message on your device’s screen. To get back to the edit page, just tap Back.

The Chat option allows is where you create a scrolling banner. Here you can choose how fast you would like the message to scroll using the Duration bar (left is slower, right is faster). You can also choose whether you would like a white or black background…this will automatically change the font to the contrasting color. You can then type in the message that you would like to scroll. Once your message has been typed, select Done. This will scroll the message across your device’s screen. To get back to the edit screen…just tap Change. [Read more…]

Banner Deluxe Update

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Banner Deluxe A few days ago I did a review of Banner Deluxe, a scrolling message application. Later that same day, Banner Deluxe was updated and added the one feature that I thought the application needed (save settings when closing and reopening the application) and also added a very cool feature that I hadn’t even thought of. You are now able to make your own custom backdrop!! The app allows you to choose any image from your Photo Albums to use as your backdrop making the message even more customizable!

In light of the pretty cool update below are two promo code…the first two people to redeem them, may have them. You can redeem them using iTunes on your computer or iTunes on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Please let us know in the comments if you redeemed the codes that way everyone knows that they have been used.

Promo Code 1 – F7RMEYN9K9MM
Promo Code 2 – 7YF4TAXAHFN7

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Banner Deluxe – Create Scrolling Banners

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Banner Deluxe I will be honest, when I read the title of this application I said to myself…Here we go, another “toy” application that probably has a bad design and a horrible user interface. However, I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I opened the application! Banner Deluxe is an application that allows you to create scrolling banners for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The first thing I noticed about the application was that it was well designed and had quite a few nice features. As I began testing the application, I also found the user interface to be very smooth and easy to use. The application opens to the Settings Menu in which there is a lower menu bar with the options; Text, Theme, Backdrop, Font, Text Texture and Option. In the Text option, you are able to enter the message that you would like to scroll or choose from the list of previously entered messages. To enter a message, just tap on the text bar. You can also add symbols to your message by selecting the smiley icon in the upper right corner, once you have tapped in the text bar. Once you have entered your message, you can get back to the Settings Menu by selecting Return. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Auto Scrolling in Safari

AiS One of the main reasons we purchase an iPhone is because of the amazing ability to browse the web on a portable device. You have to admit…nothing does it better! Here is a QuickTip that may make browsing even more productive.

QuickTip – When in Safari, you can tap on the Status Bar (this is where the time is displayed on your iPhone) to auto scroll to the top of a web page. This is great for those times when you are reading a long article and then need to go back to the top of the page to go to the next article or to get back to the Search Bar.

Let us know in the comments if you have a specific way/time when you use this feature.