iMood – Create Scrolling Banners

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iMood iMood is a simple application that allows you to create scrolling banners or just display an emoticon message on your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. iMood opens to the main page in which you have two options; Moods or Chat. The Moods option allows you to select a mood from a list of options (Happy, Sad, Love, Awake, Laughing…etc). Once you have selected a mood, you can then type in a message. When you select Show, it will display the emoticon for the mood you chose and your message on your device’s screen. To get back to the edit page, just tap Back.

The Chat option allows is where you create a scrolling banner. Here you can choose how fast you would like the message to scroll using the Duration bar (left is slower, right is faster). You can also choose whether you would like a white or black background…this will automatically change the font to the contrasting color. You can then type in the message that you would like to scroll. Once your message has been typed, select Done. This will scroll the message across your device’s screen. To get back to the edit screen…just tap Change.

This is a very simple application that doesn’t have a ton of features but, does what it says it is going to do (sometimes simple is nice!). The only thing that I have noticed is that when you create a scrolling banner, and the message is scrolling, your status bar still remains at the top…it would be nice if the status bar disappeared (which is does in the Moods option).

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  1. Does this app allow you to email them to yourself as a GIF or something (or SSH it off?)

  2. It says “size mismatch” and wont download. I’m having the same problem with the clear cam app. Is there something wrong with the cydia update?

    • No, its not with Cydia (I don’t think). It is the source it self “BigBoss.” I am able to install from some sources but not the ones from BigBoss,

  3. I know this doesn’t relate to this post but I was wondering if anyone knows how to change everything on the status bar to a different color. Everything meaning the battery, clock, wifi/3G logos, signal bars, and carrier. Do I have to do them all individually or is there a way to change them all at once?

    Thanks in advance

  4. this is just lke the ishout app form the app store

  5. in the morning it goes to install! (Time Germany)

  6. The only problem is that there is a character limit in the chat option, it just won’t display at all if you use more than that, cba to count how many