New Apps – 6 New Costumes

DressUp There are six new Costumes available in the through the Ste Packaging source for the DressUp app. The six new costumes include; a Dog Costume, Easter Costume, Hair Costume, KGB Costume, Mouths Costume and a St. Patrick’s Costume. Each of these six apps are installed individually…so, you can choose which costumes you would like to add to the DressUp app and which ones you do not want to add. Once you have installed the costumes you like…you can open your DressUp app and the new costumes will be there (they do not create a new icon on your SpringBoard these are just extensions for the DressUp app). Note: Make sure you already have the DressUp app installed before you install the costumes. See the screenshots below to see what images are in each costume.

Dog Costume Easter Costume Hair Costume
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