Apple Releases WiFi Support Document

Apple Today, Apple released a document to help iPhone and iPod Touch owners who are having Wi-Fi issues. Below are the Symptoms and some Fixes. You can see the original document on Apple’s website HERE.


    • iPhone or iPod touch appear to be connected to a Wi-Fi network but cannot use Wi-Fi for checking email, surfing the Internet, or other data transactions.

    • On the device, when you tap Settings > Wi-Fi and then tap next to the network, no values or entries for IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router, or DNS appear.

    • The device shows no Wi-Fi address (Tap Settings > General > About and scroll down to Wi-Fi Address).

This can happen if, during the initial setup of the iPhone or iPod touch, no Wi-Fi address was registered. So while the device can attach to different Wi-Fi networks, it will not be able to retrieve an IP address because the Wi-Fi router doesn’t see a Wi-Fi address from the device.

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